New Horizons

New Horizons

Well, here we go! No more putting it off, no more “final design revisions”, we’re just jumping straight into it. To be fair, only the “blog” and “home” pages are finished, but hey, we need to get this thing rolling! So let’s do this!

Question is, how do you start a blog? I mean, where do I even begin? So many things to write, explain, and share, I guess I’ll just start with something simple: Why?

Simply put, this blog is built to share. To share my adventures, lessons learned, what I’m doing, where I’m headed, and most importantly, who has helped me get here. As a biathlete, I spend most of my time travelling away from home, so keeping up with everyone in my community can be a struggle. By writing this blog, I want to give back and create an easy place for everyone to keep up with my latest ventures, whatever they may be!

Now, you may be asking, “Lucas, if this is your blog, why didn’t you name it after yourself?” Great question! Before I began designing this web page, I spent a long time deciding on a name. At first, the logical option seemed to be something along the lines of “” or similar. But as I reflected, I came to two realizations. One, that’s boring, and I don’t like boring. Two, while this blog may center around me, it isn’t just about me. This blog is meant to tell my story, my adventures, my goals, this blog is meant to show who I am. 

Knowing that I got to more thinking. As soon as a reader opens this website, I want them to know exactly what I stand for. So to let everyone know who I am, I chose an identity: Horizon Seeker. Those two words might seem simple, but together they represent everything I believe in. Pursuing excellence, striving to be constantly better, never giving up, seeking new horizons. 

As I mentioned, this blog is also meant to share who has helped get me here. Biathlon may be an individual sport, but you don’t get very far alone. Whether it’s my sponsors, childhood coaches, family, or anyone who has had an impact on my life, this is for you. Every one of you has played a crucial part in the pathway here, and it’s thanks to you all that I can proudly call myself a Canadian Biathlete. 

Though I have much more to say, I’m going to keep this first post short. Going forward, I’ll be writing all about my latest race results, what I’m doing for training, and what my upcoming plans are. After so much planning and designing, it feels good to finally have this off the ground! There’s much work to be done, but hey, I’m all about improvement, so who knows where this will go!

There are more adventures to come, more posts to write, and most importantly, more horizons to seek. Signing off for now, see you in the next post!


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  1. Elise

    I’m already hooked, can’t wait to hear about the next horizon!

    1. LucasSmith

      Thanks Elise! Good luck with all the travelling!

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